About our fabrics

The fabrics are a large part of the identity and design of the sofa. We therefore select the most luxurious, comfortable, well-designed and best value for money fabrics from around the globe.

We have divided our fabrics into 2 main groups:
Natural fabrics      Protected fabrics

Natural fabrics are made from natural yarns, such as Wool, Cotton and Linen. They retain the natural qualities of these yarns, therefore we process them as little as possible to maintain the superior and natural look and feel of the fabric.

Protected fabrics are manufactured from technical fibres that are produced from high tech materials. In today’s world, high performance technical fabrics are both pleasant to touch, look great and offer great value for the price.

All our protected fabrics receive an anti-stain treatment, which makes it easier to remove stains from the fabrics. In contrast to what some companies claim, it is not possible to give a 100% guarantee that the fabric will not stain, as all protection will, due to wear and tear of the fabric, be less effective over time.