About our leathers

At Theca we love great leather. Leather is a natural product that will last for years and become more beautiful with age if kept and treated correctly.

Italian tanneries produce the majority of our leathers. They produce top quality leather and have many years of knowledge and a passion for leather production.

Our leathers can be divided into 2 main groups:
Natural leather     Protected leathers

Natural leathers receive less treatment than Protected leathers and in Natural leathers the leather will contain features of leather such as variation of the grain structure, slight colour differences, small scars, tick marks and other signs of natural beauty.

Natural leather offers great comfort and durability. It requires regular maintenance and should not be exposed to excessive heat or light.

Protected leathers have a protective layer surface that makes the appearance of the leather more uniform. They are easy to maintain and are ideal for families with children etc.

Protected leathers also need maintenance but less regularly than Natural leathers. Protected leathers offer great value for money and ease of use.