We strongly believe that good quality pays off. Therefore, our production standards are as follows:

  • We use Cold Cured Foam in the seat cushions – from 30-50 kg, depending on the model.
  • We use premium feather/down mix from sea birds, never from land birds.
  • We only use leathers from the worlds best tanneries. Each shipment of leather is tested by BLC UK.
  • All natural yarn fabrics are made from natural yarns without further treatment for optimal look and feel.
  • All technical fibre fabrics receive anti-stain treatment for optimal ease of use.
  • All frames are solidly built with strong, properly dried lumber – combined with durable springs and belts.
  • All furniture is individually inspected prior to packing and shipment.
  • Products are packed with a double layer of plastic and cardboard for secure shipping.
  • We believe that excellent craftsmanship is vital for the quality of our products. Our Human Resources Programmes for education, retention and motivation are key to successful craftsmanship.