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Environmental Responsibility

At THECA we carefully select our materials
In our production we use FSC certified wood and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100


Our textile products and cut foam blocks carries the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 label. 

Our wood frames are made from
FSC Certified wood 


At THECA we care about the environment, and we continuously aim to minimize our environmental footprint. We have a sustainable approach to production and take our responsibility seriously for contributing towards a greener environment.

Sustainability is no longer a trend, it is a business imperative. Manufacturing and design must care about the future generations. Everyday we work to optimize our production and to reduce waste in production.

At THECA, we have a sustainable approach to production. We take our responsibility seriously for contributing towards a greener environment. We focus on a healthy working environment, social responsibility and an environmentally friendly production. 

Materials; In our production we stive to work with the best materials, that's why we work with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 fabrics and foam and FSC-certified wood. We design and manufacture long-lasting products made from quality materials. Our frames have 10 years warranty and are made from FSC-certified wood or metal. By choosing products with FSC-certified wood, you are helping take care of the world’s forests. 

Our textile products and cut foam blocks carries the STANDARD 100 label, which means you can be certain that every component of our products, have been tested for harmful substances and therefore safe for human health.

Supply Chain; Our goal is always to improve the entire supply chain in order to make it even more sustainable. We are constantly improving and optimizing our supply chain.  In 2020 we have made savings on water, heat and electricity consumption. The Alytus factory is heated with CO2 neutral wood chips for internal heating during the heating season.

Efforts are being made to optimize the company's logistics chain so that the transport of goods has the least possible impact on the environment. At THECA, we are aware of the impact that goods transportation has on the environment. We aim to pack the goods so they can be easily stacked. That means we can load the trucks with more products on each one. In 2021 we aim to optimize the product packaging to an even more sustainable packaging.  

Working environment; Theca works continuously with working environment conditions which must help to ensure the retention and development of the employees. We know that our Human Resources Programmes for education, retention and motivation are key to successful craftsmanship. Every year we invest in new technology to ensure the best working conditions for our employees. To reduce heavy lifting, we have implemented a new and improved transport system at the factory, which reduces the manual handling of products in the upholstery process, packing and shipping of the goods.

Our sustainable approach to production will continue to be the main focus for us. We continuously aim to minimize our environmental footprint and do even more for the environment. To achieve these goals in the future, we will continue to create an inspiring work environment for passionate people to perform in. 

* From 2021, all of our wood frames will be FSC certified.


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